NDoula Mentorship Program Goal

Create a fulfilling, mutually beneficial, supportive relationship to help each other meet goals and reach success.

NDoula's Mentorship Community supports eligible members seeking to become birthworkers, advance holistic care careers, and pushing towards achieving goals.


We host monthly one to one meetings and group events to discuss progress towards our identified individual and community goals, and to refine our understanding of what's needed in the community in order to improve health and quality of life outcomes, and advance safe & healthy births.


Mentees steer decision-making by engaging in an organization support project of their choosing while simultaneously receiving individualized support in the program. 


Our Mentorship Community has had great success with helping individuals advance in their career and their heart for advocacy. 


NDoula seeks to expand the reach of the Mentorship Community and how the program supports those enrolled.  NDoula is creating a community of informed advocates that are narrowing the quality of life gap while fostering the health and wellness of those rearing & bringing new life into the world.

If you are interested in mentorship, pls fill out this form below to be contacted by our team. Interview Qs can be downloaded from the file at the bottom of the page.

NDoula Mentorship App Summer 2023
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