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We love our city and our communities, and we are proud to be Chicago based. We are also proud to provide remote support and are committed to our global partnerships. Each of our team members are partners with various organizations and companies throughout Chicagoland and beyond. We believe that together, we can be greater than apart.


In partnership with

The Department of Public Health at Chicago State University produces responsible, service-oriented, discerning graduates and informed global citizens. Graduates are trained to promote healthy lifestyles and disease prevention. Graduates can also serve as advocates for health policy change, addressing issues such as violence, substance abuse, and access to health care. 

NDCA values the ability to join energies in partnership with others to create and amplify action while our individual and collective identities and voices are affirmed and the potential of the power generated is limitless.

If your vision for community building is aligned with NDCA, please fill out the

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